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The Renamer takes and enhances the idea of editing files in directory
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Oscar’s File Renamer is a utility tool used for renaming files in one operation. It has features of an application with a typical windows look and feel. The tool is organized into a directory tree, files list with original names, a file name editor, quick search, and macro recorder and an extensive tool bar as shortcuts to often used operations. Oscar’s File Renamer has an inbuilt macro editor to record repetitive operations and execute it with a keystroke. The Directory is picked up first and the list of files with their original names belonging to the directory is displayed in the file list. The file names can be edited in the filename editor and the changes can be applied to reflect the new names. The file name editor supports search, replace, undo, redo operations. Letters not allowed in a filename cannot be entered even by error. Tools are available to handle upper case, lower case and numbers while editing the filenames. Changes applied to the filenames can be redone after writing to the disk. Option to integrate into the windows shell is available. Macro Recorder can be saved in the menu tools and used anytime for any other relevant operation. This recorder records only the keystrokes and not the mouse movements. So it becomes a compulsive practice to use only the keyboard while recording a macro.

Manoj Goel
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  • Macro Recorder to record keystrokes
  • Macros can be stored in menu for future use
  • Undo operation possibility after committing to Disk
  • Windows Shell integration


  • Macro Recorder cannot record Mouse movements
  • Windows Application Interface
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